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Why You Must Stay for a Night Onboard a Houseboat During Your Visit to Kerala

The backwaters of the beautiful state of Kerala in India are, basically, canals that are fed by 38 rivers and connecting 5 huge lakes, though they are mostly brackish with little or no current.

Extending for over half of the state and passing through villages and other places of interest, these waterways form a spectacular way to explore God’s Own Country, attracting local and foreign tourists all year round for a visit to Kerala.


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Picture : Kerala Tourism Board


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Why You Must Stay for a Night Onboard a Houseboat During Your Visit to Kerala



Picture : Kerala Tourism Board


Houseboat in Kerala

Now, while you can always choose to stay in a hotel whenever you go on a trip to Kerala, you should keep in mind that you do not always get the opportunity to stay in a houseboat (locally known as kettuvallam) overnight in other holidays in other parts of the world.

So, it is recommended to have this type of cruise and receive the pleasure to enjoy the placid backwaters, rejuvenating breeze and the beautiful surroundings that are home to a variety of flora and fauna.



Picture : Kerala Tourism Board


The Great Things That You Can Expect from the Cruise

In the past, these houseboats were used to transport rice bags, but today, they have become one of the most famous attractions in Kerala, well-equipped with modern bedrooms, toilets, balconies and sitting areas, fully-loaded kitchens and even decks for fishing.

They even come with a crew, which include a skilled cook to prepare fresh food for you in Kuttanadan culinary style.

Your overnight stay on a kettuvallam along the state’s backwaters will be nothing short of blissful, being one of Kerala’s biggest tourism draw cards preferred by most holidaymakers during their visit to Kerala.

After you check in, you will be in for a languid ride through pristine backwaters, carrying you through many of the state’s most popular destinations, including wildlife sanctuaries, local villages and plantations.

You just have to sit on the deck or balcony to watch the rustic scenes go by, as almost everything will be provided to make your experience more fun and memorable.


Backwaters kerala

Picture : Kerala Tourism Board


Food onboard a Houseboat

As for the food, it will be prepared in traditional Kerala style, where your menu would contain typical dishes from the Malabar region, such as appam and mutton stew, fish molee, karimeen pollichathu and puttu and kadala curry, among others.

The fish used on the dishes that you will get on your cruise is not something that you can get anywhere else.

Aside from this, you will also be given an option for fresh fish that you can pick up at a local fish market along the way.

Generally, the food alone would be reason enough to embark on a houseboat cruise in Kerala.



Picture: Kerala Tourism Board



Picture : Kerala Tourism Board


The Experience

The experience of being moored out on the backwaters, especially at Alleppey or Kumarakom, is definitely one that should complete your holiday in Kerala.

So, what really is the fuss about having to stay for a night on board a houseboat in Kerala? Well, it would mean your family or friends having fun conversations and fun, while exploring some of the most splendid sights of India.

Keep in mind that a holiday in Kerala would not be complete without this trip.


Picture : Kerala Tourism Board


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